CD The Music of Michel Herr


After years of collaboration, the BJO and Michel Herr entered the studio in 2007, resulting in The Music of Michel Herr(De Werf). In the words of critic André Joassin in Le Soir: “It swings, the horn sound bursts vividly upon the ears and the well thought-out dynamics create a sense of modernity in the orchestral palette. This is also apparent in the punctilious playing of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra and the masterful musicianship of the soloists.”


Release: 2008
Label: W.E.R.F.
CD type: dubbel CD
Playing time: 56'26'' and 47'42''
Recording type: studio
Recording location: Studio Toots (VRT)
Recording engineer: Walter de Niel (VRT)
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CD 1 - Pieces

Title Composer
1. Springboard Michel Herr
2. Distant Echoes Michel Herr
3. Extremes Michel Herr
4. Multributes Michel Herr
5. Bad Fever Michel Herr
6. Song for Lucy Michel Herr
7. Out of the Silence Michel Herr


CD 2 - Suites and More

Title Composer
1. Celebration Suite - Prelude Michel Herr
2. Celebrations Suite - Bells Michel Herr
3. Celebration Suite - New Page Michel Herr
4. Celebration Suite - The next 20 Years Michel Herr
5. Flagey, a new Era - Past Splendor Michel Herr
6. Flagey, a new Era - Hivernation Michel Herr
7. Flagey, a new Era - The Awakening Michel Herr
8. Flagey, a new Era - Saling Again Michel Herr
9. Song for Micheline Michel Herr
10. Pentaprism Michel Herr