CD The Music of Bert Joris (double album)


The double CD The Music of Bert Joris(De Werf) was recorded in Bruges. The press was very enthusiastic and the album sold more than 6000 copies! Jack Bowers wrote in All About Jazz: “We’ve sung the praises of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra before (‘The September Sessions’) but never so loudly as for this new two-disc set on which the music of the marvelous Belgian composer/arranger/trumpeter Bert Joris. And what music it is!”

Release: 2001
Soloist: Bert Joris - trumpet
Label: W.E.R.F.
CD type: double CD
Playing time: 53'49'' and 55'39''
Recording type: live
Recording location: De Werf - Brugge (B)
Recording engineer: Walter de Niel (VRT)
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Playlist CD1: 'Innocent Blues'

Title Composer
1. Innocent Blues Bert Joris
2. Walkin' Tiptoe Bert Joris
3. For the Time Being Bert Joris
4. Jeux de Reflets et de la Vitesse Bert Joris
5. Magic Box Bert Joris
6. Benoit Bert Joris

Playlist CD2: 'Warp 9'

Title Composer
1. Kong's Garden Bert Joris
2. Mr. Dodo Bert Joris
3. Atonal Bert Joris
4. Warp 9 Bert Joris
5. Nuées d'orage Bert Joris
6. Blue Alert Bert Joris
7. Alone at Last Bert Joris