Smooth Shake


The new CD by Bert Joris with Brussels Jazz Orchestra is called Smooth Shake. This is the fourth large-scale production with Bert, following Signs and Signatures (2010), Dangerous Liaison (2006) and the double CD The Music of Bert Joris in 2002.

Bert Joris says: "A warm sound – that’s what I had in mind for this album. A sound that envelops you, fills you with energy, like a meaningful friendship. The result is a serene record which invites you to move nonetheless, to dance. Not too exuberantly, but smoothly."


  1. O.U.T. 07:27
  2. Smooth Shake 08:25
  3. Only for the Honest 06:27
  4. Brussel – Parijs* 07:44
  5. Spaces 06:56
  6. How could we forget 08:22
  7. Mr. Dado 08:47
  8. Nasty Boy 08:08
  9. Smooth Shake - radio edit 04:57

Compositions and arrangements by Bert Joris, except * composed by Dre Pallemaerts

About Bert Joris:
Jazz trumpeter Bert Joris (°1957) has built a solid reputation as improvisor, composer, arranger and teacher. His work is performed by musicians all over the world. Joris received several awards and prizes for his work and his most recent solo album ‘Only for the honest’ was widely acclaimed by the press. Bert Joris has published three albums with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra so far. Over the years, Joris and the BJO toured together from Sweden to the USA.

W.E.R.F. 144

Recorded at Kunstencentrum De Werf in Bruges, Belgium on July 7, 8 and 9, 2016
Producer: Frank Vaganée
Executive producer: De Werf, Brussels Jazz Orchestra vzw (Koen Maes)
Recording engineer: Gyuri Spies
Editing and mixing engineer: Gyuri Spies assisted by Bert Joris and Frank Vaganée
Mastering engineer: Darcy Proper (Wisseloord)