BREL with David Linx


Brel and Brussels Jazz Orchestra – that’s a captivating combination. Add the internationally renowned vocalist David Linx to the mix and you have a five-star musical project. Brussels-based BJO and born-in-Brussels David Linx present the music of Jacques Brel – it doesn’t get more Brussels than this. BJO musicians Frank Vaganée, Dieter Limbourg, Lode Mertens, Gyuri Spies, Nathalie Loriers and Pierre Drevet have arranged chansons by Jacques Brel for large jazz orchestra and David Linx. Brel classics like La chanson des vieux amants, Bruxelles, Le plat pays, La valse à mille temps and others, as if they were pure jazz standards: du jamais vu!

Track list

  1. Quand on n’a que l’amour (Lyrics/composition by Jacques Brel - Arranged by Lode Mertens)
  2. La chanson des vieux amants (Lyrics by Jacques Brel - composition by Jacques Brel/Gérard Jouannest - Arranged by Pierre Drevet)
  3. Vesoul – Amsterdam (Lyrics/composition by Jacques Brel - English translation by Rod McKuen -Arranged by Dieter Limbourg)
  4. Ces gens-là (Lyrics/composition by Jacques Brel - Arranged by Gyuri Spies)
  5. Mathilde (Lyrics by Jacques Brel - Composition by Gérard Jouannest - Arranged by Pierre Drevet)
  6. Ne me quitte pas (Lyrics/composition by Jacques Brel - Arranged by Nathalie Loriers)
  7. Le plat pays (Lyrics/composition by Jacques Brel - Arranged by Dieter Limbourg)
  8. Bruxelles (Lyrics by Jacques Brel - Composition by Jacques Brel/Gérard Jouannest - Arranged by Frank Vaganée)
  9. Isabelle (Lyrics by Jacques Brel, english translation by Micky Grant - Composition by Jacques Brel/François Rauber - Arranged by Gyuri Spies)
  10. La valse à mille temps (Lyrics/composition by Jacques Brel - Arranged by Lode Mertens)