Bells & Brass (Lode Mertens / Frank Vaganée)


From: BJO's Finest - Live! (Saphrane, 2013)

Grade 4

Composed by Lode Mertens, arranged by Frank Vaganée.

Lode: "I originally wrote this piece for wind band and carillon, hence the title: the bells refer to the carillon, the brass to the wind band; but performance by a band was not so straightforward. When we recorded a CD with the High Voltage Sextet, I rewrote the piece for them. I am really happy with Frank's arrangement for the BJO: it's great to see someone else working on one of my pieces. Also, the solos by Marc and Kurt are beautiful.

Frank: "The atmosphere and perpetual motion of the forward-driving rhythm inspired me to work on this piece. It was a challenge to write new melodies for the sax section on top of the long drown-out chords that are so typical of the piece. I also took the liberty to create different atmospheres, for example by changing the metre at certain specific moments."

Line up: 5 saxes, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, piano, double bass, drums

Duration: 10'08''