CD Gainsbourg


Lucien Ginsburg (1928-1991) started as a rebellious jazz musician and  crooner in Paris nightclubs, evolving into the widely known performer and provocateur Serge Gainsbourg. His songs, permeated with humour, erotism, subversion and wordplay, have made him one of the most influential performers in the world. Brussels Jazz Orchestra will present a tribute to this icon of French music, together with the French singer Camille Bertault. Original songs by the mythical Gainsbourg served as the basis for new BJO arrangements.

Serge Gainsbourg is a figure who still inspires, fascinates, triggers and provokes. For this project, 12 songs by Gainsbourg were arranged by (friends of) BJO musicians, including the classics 'Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais' and 'Couleur Café'. Brussels Jazz Orchestra was inspired by Gainsbourg's original songs, his much-discussed personality and the unparalleled influence he had on French music as a musical chameleon (with roots in jazz). The album leaves plenty of room for improvisation and does not shy away from elaborate arrangements. 'Gainsbourg' will appear digitally. Brussels Jazz Orchestra Records will make the songs available on iTunes, Spotify, deezer, TikTok and Amazon Music.

Rising star in jazz

The French singer Camille Bertault moves impressively and sensually over the musical playing field, between jazz, chanson and humour, making her the dream soloist to interpret Gainsbourg’s work with vocal virtuosity and enticing subtlety.

After the world was introduced to Bertault’s enchanting jazz talent in 2015 when she scatted along to John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’ in a Facebook video, the albums ‘En vie’ (2016), ‘Pas de Géant’ (2018), ‘Le Tigre’ (2020) and ‘Playground’ (2022) with David Helbock followed. In between recordings she toured through Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia and Brazil.

‘Gainsbourg’ is a remarkable approach to the oeuvre of a versatile artist, impossible to categorize but always fresh and passionate.

Camille Bertault about Gainsbourg“If you like words and naughtiness, you can't help but love Gainsbourg. I am very happy to have been asked for this project, which is not an obvious one: singing Gainsbourg with a big band and beautiful arrangements, and that as a woman. A fantastic challenge!” 


  1. Couleur Café by Serge Gainsbourg, Arr. Pierre Drevet
  2. Les Cigarillos by Serge Gainsbourg, Arr. Dieter Limbourg
  3. En relisant ta lettre by Serge Gainsbourg, Arr. Pierre Drevet
  4. Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais by Serge Gainsbourg, Arr. Frank Vaganée
  5. Les Goémons by Serge Gainsbourg, Arr. Nathalie Loriers
  6. La Javanaise by Serge Gainsbourg, Arr. Pierre Drevet
  7. L'eau à la bouche by Serge Gainsbourg & Alain Goraguer, Arr. Dieter Limbourg
  8. Le Poinçoneur des Lilas by Serge Gainsbourg, Arr. Frank Vaganée
  9. Élisa by Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier, Arr. Gyuri Spies