CD Changing Faces


"Linx, the Belgian jazz singer, will resort to any idiom, any language, any time signature. Occasionally he seems to dispense with bar lines altogether, or he will go beyond lyrics, as he abandons his own words on “A Day’s Journey,” for some free-wheeling scat. (...) Linx wrote some of the tunes, which compete quite well against entries by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joni Mitchell. He can do it all, at the highest level of professionalism, like the superb Brussels Jazz Orchestra, a 17-piece band, used to the coloristic effects that accrue from their apparently endless doublings." (Harvey Siders,

Release 2007
Soloists: David Linx (voc)
Duets w/ Ivan Lins (voc), Nathalie Dessay (voc) and Maria Joao (voc)
Label: O+
Type CD: CD
Recording type studio
Recording location: Studio Hogent (Gent)
Recording engineer: Gyuri Spies
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Title Composer
1. Deep Night Vallee/Henderson - arr: Lode Mertens
2. Down on Lovers Lane David Linx - arr: Patrice Foudon
3. Dark and Ragged / Black Crow Michel Herr / Joni Mitchell - arr. Michel Herr
4. Bilhete Ivan Lins - arr: Stéphane Guillaume
5. Then we'll be Home Sadye Sheppard - arr: Gyuri Spies
6. A Day's Journey Diederik Wissels - arr: Frank Vaganée
7. Home in the Spring David Linx - arr: Diederik Wissels
8. The Land of Joy David Linx - arr: Carlos Azevedo
9. Por Today Minha Vida Jobim / De Moraes
10. Miziane Linx / Wissels - arr: Laurent Cugny
11. There is you Linx / Wissels - arr: Pierre Drevet
12. Sweet Suite Mario Laginha